Desi Arnaz Refused to Film This I Love Lucy Scene

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Desi Arnaz was an entertainer that came to America from Cuba at a young age and found success on television alongside his partner Lucille Ball. Together, the two starred in the hit show I Love Lucy, which ran for six seasons throughout the 1950s. The two each gave their all to their respective comedic performances on the show. However, there was one particular line that Desi refused to cross over the course of the show’s run due to strong personal beliefs.

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Desi was born in the early 20th century, and his father was the mayor of the second-largest city in Cuba. While this gave young Desi a life of relative ease during his early years, the 1933 Cuban Revolution put an abrupt end to that luxury during the young star’s teenage years. The revolution found his father imprisoned by revolutionaries. Desi’s family was able to free his father, but they were then forced to flee to America. Knowing none of the wealth that they were accustomed to in Cuba, the family was forced to work their way up. They made a living cleaning canary cages and doing other small jobs, allowing Desi to eventually work his way up to becoming the successful performer he became known as.

While these struggles could have made the young Desi grown into a bitter adult, they instead instilled a sense of wonder in the man about the possibilities provided by America to immigrant families such as his. Desi soon became a gigantic patriot and a vocal supporter of the American dream, always maintaining a strong work ethic.

Desi also had other values instilled in him at childhood, and some of these weren’t as positive as his beliefs in hard work and the American dream. He adamantly believed that a woman should be subservient to a man in a marriage, and this hurt his personal relationship with his costar and wife Lucille Ball. Lucille has recalled instances during their marriage where Desi’s personal beliefs got in the way of her happiness, eventually causing the marriage to dissolve. Whether right or wrong, Desi always adamantly stood for his own personal beliefs. Join Facts Verse as we explore why Desi Arnaz refused to film this I Love Lucy scene.

Desi Arnaz Refused to Film This I Love Lucy Scene
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